Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Swedish company?

Yes, we are a Swedish company based in Gothenburg.
All our products are manufactured in Sweden.

When do you eat your protein pralines?

Alice & Nilda is perfect before or after the workout, as a snack or just as pure pleasure.

Do you use palm oil?

No! None of our products contain palm oil.

Do your products contain gluten or lactose?

Yes, at present all products contain gluten and lactose.

Where does the name Alice & Nilda come from?

It is the name of the founders’ two daughters, both 4 years old.


Are you sending to my country?

We currently deliver to the following countries:
We ship to most countries. If you are unsure, you can contact us.

How long is your delivery time?

We aim to deliver your order within 1-3 working days. For larger campaigns, the delivery time can be affected.The delivery time can also be slightly longer if your order contains an order item. An order item means that we need to order the product into our warehouse before we can send it to you!
We also ask you to keep in mind that delivery time may vary depending on the chosen shipping company. You can easily see the delivery time for each product under “add to cart”.

Where do you send from?

We send your order from our warehouse in Sweden.

How do I track my package?

When your order has been sent from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation via email with the package number attached. With this package number, you can easily track your order via the selected shipping company’s website or app.

What are the shipping costs?

We offer free shipping for all orders over 499 SEK, 380 DKK, 49 EUR.
Within Sweden
For orders under SEK 499, the shipping cost is: SEK 39
For orders under 380 DKK, the shipping cost is: 30 DKK
For orders under 49 EUR, the shipping cost is: 3.90 EUR
Other EU countries:
For orders under 49 EUR, the shipping cost is: 3.90 EUR

Which shipping companies do you use?

Vi skickar med:

We send with:
PostNord My Pack Collect
You as a customer receive information about where you can pick up your order within 7-10 days.
PostNord MyPack Home
You get the order delivered to your home. PostNord will contact you via SMS about the day and time of delivery.
We recommend that you download the PostNord app:
Download it here: App Store or Google Play.
We are working to offer you more options for the last mile. If you have any wishes, you are welcome to contact us!

I have no ID, how do I pick up my package?

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to influence this as a valid ID document is required to retrieve the package, this to counteract the risk of fraud.
If your package has been sent with Postnord, you can download their app and download the package by identifying yourself with a mobile BankID.




When will my order be shipped?

We will send your package as soon as possible, provided that all products you ordered are in stock. Some items are made to order, and then the delivery takes a few days extra. The website states the estimated delivery time of your item.

Note: If an item on your order is an order item, the entire order will be sent when everything is in stock.

An order item is a product that we do not have in our warehouse, which means that we order them in connection with your order from a supplier. Depending on the supplier, the delivery time may vary.

You will receive an email as soon as your package has been sent from us with delivery information and a tracking number.

I have not received any order confirmation, what is the reason?

Have you not received an order confirmation? Start by looking at your spam, sometimes they end up there. Should you not find anything in either your inbox or spam, it may be because you entered the wrong email address.
To get information about your order, you can easily log in via your profile at Klarna. There you can see which email address is specified when ordering and order number.

Should you discover that the wrong email has been registered – contact our customer service and we will help you adjust and send out a new confirmation via email.

You can also reach your order confirmation by logging in to “my pages” and then clicking on “orders” to find all your placed orders.


Can I cancel or change my order?

To cancel your order, you must contact customer service.
As long as your order has not yet been sent from our warehouse, it is possible to cancel and refund you immediately. However, if our fast warehouse staff has already sent your package, your order will be refunded as soon as it is returned to us.

If you wish to adjust your order, you must contact our customer service as soon as possible. This is because we do not have the opportunity to make any changes to your order if it has already been packed and sent from our warehouse.

Should you need to adjust the delivery address on your order, you also need to contact our customer service immediately.


What happens if I do not pick up my package?

Should you not have time to pick up your package via agent or box, it will be returned to us. You will be refunded via the same payment method you used when you placed your order. (A return can take up to 2 weeks, after which the refund takes place and can take between 2-5 bank days). In the case of an unredeemed package, return shipping and handling costs will be added. You will be charged a minimum fee of 199 SEK for unredeemed packages.


I have received the wrong item / item is missing, what do I do?

Have you got the wrong item? Take a picture of the product you received and state which item you are missing in an email to our customer service.
Is a product missing? Contact our customer service and state which product you are missing together with your order number and we will help you!

Our customer service is open weekdays between 09:30 – 3:30 Swedish Time



What payment methods do you offer?

In collaboration with Klarna Checkout, we offer our customers to pay by card and direct payment, as well as invoice or partial payment.

Card and direct payment via Klarna

With Pay directly, you make your payment directly when ordering. Payment can be made via either your bank card, bank transfer or through a linked bank account.

For a bank account linked via Klarna, you can easily approve your purchases via mobile BankID. This method can only be used if you have ever shopped via Klarna’s customer portal or in connection with a purchase via Klarna.

For card payment, the amount of your purchase on the card is reserved when you have completed the order, when your order is sent from our warehouse, the amount will be deducted from your card.

Invoice and partial payment via Klarna

  • Faktura – Få först. Betala sen När du slutfört din beställning skickas en faktura som skall betalas 30 dagar från det att vi skickat dina varor. 
  • Månadsfaktura – På månadsfakturan samlas alla köp du gjort under månaden. Det tillkommer en månadsavgift på 29 SEK.
  • Betala i slutet av nästa månad – Din faktura skickas ut till dig i mitten på nästkommande månad och betalas i slutet på den aktuella månaden. Detta betalsätt kommer till en kostnad på 29 SEK.
  • Delbetalningskonto – Här kan du välja att samla alla dina köp på en så kallad kontofaktura. Välj därefter att delbetala din order eller betala den i slutet på nästkommande månad. Detta gör du enkelt själv om du loggar in på Mitt Klarna. Observera att det tillkommer ränta vid delbetalning, har du fler frågor kring detta ber vi dig kontakta Klarna.

    För att kunna betala mot faktura så ställs vissa villkor. Dessa är följande:

    ● Du måste vara över 18 år.
    ● Du får inte ha några tidigare betalningsanmärkningar.
    ● Du får inte ha tidigare obetalda krav från Klarna.

    Du kan läsa mer om “Betala med Klarna”

Invoice – Get first. Pay later When you have completed your order, an invoice will be sent to be paid 30 days from the time we sent your order.

Monthly invoice – The monthly invoice collects all purchases you have made during the month. There is a monthly fee of 29 SEK.

Pay at the end of next month – Your invoice will be sent to you in the middle of the next month and paid at the end of the current month. This payment method comes at a cost of 29 SEK.

Partial payment account – Here you can choose to collect all your purchases on a so-called account invoice. Then choose to pay in installments for your order or pay it at the end of next month. You can easily do this yourself if you log in to “Mitt Klarna”. Please note that interest will be added for partial payment, if you have more questions about this, please contact Klarna.

In order to be able to pay against an invoice, certain conditions are set. These are the following:
● You must be over 18 years old.
● You may not have any previous payment remarks.
● You may not have previously unpaid claims from Klarna.
You can read more about “Pay with Klarna”


Why can I not pay by invoice?

We use Klarna as a payment provider and they always do a credit check on all customers who wish to shop via installment / invoice. Should you not receive an invoice as a payment alternative or be denied payment against an invoice at the checkout, it may be because you, for example, have an unpaid invoice, remark or personal information is missing. We do not have the opportunity to see the reason why you are not offered an invoice via Klarna and may therefore ask you to contact Klarna’s customer service for more information and help.

I have not received an invoice?

Your invoice will be sent to you via email as soon as your order has left our warehouse. Should you not have received an email, it may be because your invoice has ended up in the spam, alternatively the wrong email address has been specified when ordering, please double check this before contacting our customer service. You will find all your invoices collected in your account with Klarna. You can easily log in via the web or their app.

How does a refund work?

If you have paid for your order by card or direct payment, we will make a refund to the account used when ordering directly.
If you have used an invoice as a payment method, you will automatically be refunded via the same account that you used to pay your invoice via Klarna. Should the invoice be unpaid, it will be automatically deleted.
NOTE! A refund usually takes between 3-5 banking days.


Returns and exchanges

We always strive for our customers to love our products, but if you need to return an order, we are here to help you.

You always have 14 days to return your purchase. Just send us an email at Please note that you are responsible for the shipping costs. We also cannot accept returns of opened products. Please note that shipping costs or import duties for a return from a country outside Sweden are not covered by Alice & Nilda.


How do I make a complaint to you?

If you have discovered a defect in your product and want to make a complaint, please contact our customer service by email

If you contact us by email, please send us the order number, description of the error and a picture of the product.

NOTE! Do not throw away the product until your complaint has been dealt with. A complaint is only accepted for documentation and possible return.

My item was delivered damaged, what do I do?

Have you received a broken product? Take a picture of the product and contact our customer service, and we will help you.

NOTE! It is important that you do not throw away any packaging or goods that have been received damaged before you have had contact with us. We need to have a basis when we are to help you with a complaint.

Other questions

Do I have a customer account?

Answer: yes!
Everyone who has shopped with us at some point has a customer account, it is created automatically at your first purchase and is linked to the email address you specified at your purchase. This is so that we can easily collect your purchases and in the best possible way help you with any questions!

Have you forgotten your password? Click here!

(If you do not know which email you have registered with us, please contact our customer service and we will help you look at it!)
We process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means, among other things, that we do not store customer data longer than necessary, that you as a customer receive the right to be forgotten or can request an extract containing the personal data we have about you.
Please read more about our privacy policy.