About Us

Our Story

The Swedish company Alice & Nildas AB was founded in Gothenburg in 2021 by Oscar and Josef, but the work already began in 2017. With Oscar’s chemist background and Josef’s restaurateur background, they both have a genuine interest, feeling and a great knowledge of tastes and textures. Together, they have developed and produced products with great passion & care. Their aim is not to compromise on quality, raw materials or experience. The name Alice & Nilda comes from their two four-year-old daughters.

From North to South, Alice & Nilda work with Swedish-produced enjoyable premium products that offer pure flavors made from the finest ingredients.

There is a treasure out there in the northern forest. We have clean water, pristine forests, and fresh air. Our berries are among the very best in the world. Every year, Norrland and Sweden lose at least 600 million in selling raw materials in the form of berries to buy back the processed ones. By refining the berries ourselves, we can create a fairer and more sustainable industry and future.

The berries are hand-picked, wild and organic from non-fertilized northern forests where the midnight sun gives its unique taste and nutritional properties. The berries are KRAV and ECO-labeled and our Cocoa is certified through Cocoa Horizons so that our cocoa farmers receive fair conditions and the right compensation.
No matter where in the world, everyone has the right to a sustainable present and future!

Our protein pralines are handmade in collaboration with Sweden’s leading chocolatiers Jan Hedh and Maria Escalante. By focusing and developing taste, aroma and texture, where Hedh-Escalante are world-renowned and reputable chocolatiers, we have together developed a product line that appeals to the taste buds in a way that existing protein products on the market cannot do today.
Alice and Nilda are a whole new dimension of a protein product!