Handmade protein pralines with 70% quality chocolate and organic berries from Norrland produced in Sweden.

North cape

North Cape takes you on an exciting tasting trip. Chocolate, raspberries and blueberries in symbiosis are rounded off with a mild taste of sweet licorice.

Polar Lights offers velvety soft tones of bourbon vanilla which together with blueberries and dark chocolate turns into an exquisite taste sensation.

Midnight Sun consists of a wonderful nougat where the berries create acidity and together with the dark chocolate awakens all the senses.

About Us

From North to South, Alice & Nilda work with Swedish-produced enjoyable premium protein products that offer pure flavors made from the finest ingredients.
There is a treasure out there in the northern forest. We have clean water, pristine forests, and fresh air. Our berries are among the very best in the world.

Our Berries

Our berries are hand-picked, wild and organic from non-fertilized northern forests where the midnight sun gives its unique taste and nutritional properties. The berries are KRAV and ECO-labeled.

Through a combination of berries that have received midnight sun and a fantastic chocolate craft, Alice & Nilda’s has succeeded in creating world-class Swedish protein pralines.

Our Cocoa

Our Cocoa is certified by Cocoa Horizons so that our cocoa farmers receive fair conditions the right compensation. The Cocoa Horizon Foundation supports self-ownership, female farmers and the development of communities, which protects both children and nature. No matter where in the world, everyone has the right to a sustainable present and future!